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Benefits of advertising with the Manchester Times


The Manchester Times has been Manchester’s newspaper of record since 1881, building long-lasting, trusting relationships with local businesses and our loyal readers through that time. We are a news source that the community trusts and turns to for credibility and leadership. When you advertise in our newspaper and special editions, we are extending a piece of that credibility to your business. In fact, we decline business with advertisers who do not demonstrate good character.

Experience & Knowledge

We know the Manchester / Coffee County market and how to reach your potential customers. Through our experience we have learned what forms of marketing and techniques work in this market. We can utilize our print, website, video, email marketing and social media channels to develop a multi-faceted marketing approach to reach all potential customers in your target market.

Teamwork & Flexibility

Our team is on your team. We have a fantastic team of professionals ready to help you launch a successful marketing campaign. Our goal is to help you get 10x the return on your marketing investment so your business can grow – in turn our community grows.

Engaged readership

Our readership is engaged with the newspaper. Our readers pay to have our product delivered to them because they are engaged in the community and more likely to be engaged consumers, as well. Also, 66% of newspaper readers attended college, making for a well-educated audience with more expendable income.

Why market your business?

Businesses that kept or expanded their marketing budgets through the most recent recession and recovery have experienced 256% growth over their competitors and, as a result, took business away from their less aggressive competitors. If you aren’t marketing, odds are your competitor is. Let the Manchester Times help you develop an in-depth marketing approach to drive revenue and growth for your business.

Why newspapers?

12,000 – people read the Manchester Times weekly

66% of newspaper readers attended college and 76% are homeowners, making for more expendable income and a better customer base.

52% of newspaper readers earn more than $50,000 a year and 34% earn more than $75,000

69% of U.S. adults read newspaper media content in print and/or online in a week.

6 in 10 millennials engage with newspaper content in print or online.

*Sources: Alliance for Audited Media & Pew Research

Meet our marketing team:

Teresa Bare – / 931-728-7577 ext. 102

Lori King – / 931-728-7577 ext. 104

Josh Peterson – / 931-728-7577 ext. 106