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Aiming high in STEM aviation– second class of aviation program graduates after school program

Posted on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 2:21 pm



Aviation grad

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Westwood Middle School’s after school STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) aviation program graduated its second class of students Tuesday. The program, offered through a partnership with Arnold Air Force Base STEM Center, teaches STEM topics using an aviation theme. Students fly virtual aircraft to study science concepts such as energy/forces and modify existing aircraft designs to improve aircraft performance and learn the engineering process. Students use math and graphs to predict performance and make informed design decisions. Upon course completion, each student will be offered an actual flight in a glider with an instructor pilot. Pictured from left are Westwood science teacher Deb Wimberley, Arnold AFB commander Raymond Toth, program instructor Matt Woodard, seventh grader Hannah Nunley and program instructor Doug Blake.

Staff photo by John Coffelt