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AT&T installs cell sites to improve cell service during Bonnaroo

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 10:00 am

NASHVILLE, TENN., JUNE 11, 2013 – With 80,000 attendees planned at this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, AT&T is bringing out its own rockstar line-up to please the crowd.

As the exclusive communications partner of this year’s music festival in Manchester, Tenn., AT&T has installed two MegaCOWs (Cell Sites on Wheels), three COWs, six CARTs (Compact A/C Radio Telephone Sites) and four, five-beam multi-beam antennas that will enhance its award-winning 4G LTE network already deployed in the area. Mobile cell sites, covering several musical stages, will provide additional wireless coverage and capacity ensuring that music fans are able to share their experiences with friends and family from the 700-acre farm in Manchester.

The two new MegaCOWs are equivalent to seven combined cell sites. Each MegaCOW will be equipped with two, five beam multi-beam antennas, and each five-beam multi-beam antenna will provide Bonnaroo attendees with as much as five times more network traffic capacity than a traditional, single-beam antenna.

“Bonnaroo draws in tens of thousands of festival goers and music lovers every year,” said Chris Percy, AT&T vice president and general manager, mobility and consumer markets for Tennessee and Kentucky. “As part of the Manchester community, we want to make sure those attending the festival have an exceptional wireless experience. AT&T’s network enhancements will enable the thousands of Bonnaroo attendees to use their wireless devices to stay connected while texting, making calls, sharing photos and utilizing social media platforms with blazing fast 4G LTE speeds.”

“This music festival has become one that is both locally and nationally recognized,” said Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman. “The enhanced network connectivity that AT&T is providing will enrich the Bonnaroo experience enjoyed by attendees through their improved ability to share photos, tweets, texts and calls.”

In addition to network preparations for Bonnaroo, AT&T is the premier sponsor of the official Bonnaroo Festival mobile application. The app will keep attendees plugged-in and up-to-date on all things Bonnaroo, offering a full scheduled list of performers and events; a detailed festival map with all stages, vendors, and retailers visible; and a comprehensive collection of all important news stories, video updates, and social posts.

As an added bonus, AT&T U-verse will connect fans at home to the Bonnaroo experience by providing them with an inside look to the festival’s Rock N’ Soul Dance Party SuperJam, a collaboration between two well known artists featuring interviews, rehearsals and exclusive performances. AT&T U-verse also will provide its customers with V.I.P. access to acoustic sets performed by various artists at the festival’s Hay Bale Sessions, with both features airing later this year on U-verse.

“We are appreciative of the support and look forward to another great year of partnership with AT&T,” said Chad Issaq, executive vice president of partnerships, Superfly Marketing Group.

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