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AUTOMOTIVE: Get your vehicle ready for school time

By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

Local schools are back in session. College students are getting ready to hit the road again. Remember to obey the school zone speed limits, and watch signs because the speed limits are different.

Be aware of school times; don’t be late. You might need to check wipers since you will be leaving early. You have spent most of your money on school supplies, so not a good time for car repairs – that is why I recommend keeping your car up to par at all times.

Now for your new college students: Leaving for school the first time is stressful, but exciting. Make sure your car is in good condition – tires, brakes, hoses, belts and not in need of service. Check your spare, jack and tire tools. Make sure the new traveler knows how to use them. We can service your car and check all the things that might need attention. We will also advise you of what we think it may need to be a good vehicle to make the trips for your student.

When they get to school, make good habits of locking doors, not leaving keys in car and not leaving valuables in sight. If you have mechanical problems, find a good place to get your car taken care of. I can help you with that; just call me. I will be glad to do the research for you. Then you can see if the repair shop will take care of your needs.