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AUTOMOTIVE: Get your vehicle ready for the holiday season

By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

Time for fun with the family.  Some of us get to stay close to home, but for those of us who travel to be with family, let’s get our vehicle ready.

Cold weather is here or close.  Check your vehicle out.  Coolant condition is important; the freezing point and the condition is important.  If you have had a leak at some point, you will have a dirty cooling system.  Maybe it is time to flush the system.  If all is clean, you may want to do a drain and re-fill with new coolant.  This will prevent your cooling system from getting dirty.

Brakes are the most important part of your vehicle.  Keep an eye on the condition of pads and rotors.  This is something you can see without a lot of disassembly.  Also brake fluid is more important now than ever.  With the expensive parts in the brake system, flushing your brake fluid is important.

Tires and suspension systems need to be checked.  Tire wear and condition should be checked.  The wear patterns on your tires can tell us about the suspension system.  Check ball joints, tie rod ends, struts, shocks and all mounting bushings.

Check all of your lights.  Also get to know how your automatic lights work.  With today’s auto and daytime running lights, your headlights will be on and your tail lights may not be on.  You need to know how the system works so you can turn on your lights when it is foggy.  Most vehicles have no indicator to let you know when your tail lights are on.  If you can tell if your dash lights are on, then your tail lights are on.  Just know how the system works.