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AUTOMOTIVE: Engine or Transmission Failure?

By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

What if a major component fails in our vehicle? The cost will be more than we could imagine. Let’s look at what needs to come into the justifying the cost.

Value of the vehicle. What is the value of your vehicle with a bad engine or transmission? Sometimes you can trade it with it broken. But what are you really getting for it? Look at salvage prices and determine what it is worth in weight. Probably $300 to $600. So what we want to look at is value before the repair and value after the repair. Sometimes you can get enough return on value by repairing the vehicle. So if the cost is not over what your vehicle is worth running and driving, then we should fix it. Let’s put numbers together. Vehicle’s worth $500 broken, $3500 running and the repair is $2500, that’s an extra $500. But what if the repair is $3500? Then you lost $500.

Now what if you like your vehicle and want to keep it? There are different ways to look at it. Put in used low mileage parts with warranty, which is more than high mileage parts without warranty. Low mileage parts with warranties are more expensive because they might be better, but they are used. They will have a warranty but only six months or one year. We can also use remanufactured parts which have a three years or 100,000 mile warranty. These parts are more expensive, but will be the best value for the money.