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J&W Auto Repair


By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

Our vehicle is a big investment, so we need to do a few things to keep it up.  First let’s keep it clean inside and out.  Not something I do, but it does help the resale value of your vehicle.  Why is resale value important?  If we trade when our vehicle gets a certain amount of miles, this will help us get the most out of our investment.  Isn’t that what we want?  If we buy a used vehicle we look at how well it has been taken care of.  If the appearance is great, we feel that the mechanical parts have been taken care of.

Now I move on to the mechanical stuff.  These are the things we talk about a lot.  This is my thing.  The most important being the brakes.  Now if you have your car serviced at regular intervals, we will inspect your brakes and advise you of their condition.  Listen to what we tell you.  If your brakes wear out between services, you might hear a squealing noise while driving, and it will go away when braking.  Problems can arise with parts of the system to cause early problems.

Servicing is another thing that needs to be done regularly.  Some say 3,000 miles, some 5,000 and some 7,000 miles.  If we use the longer intervals, we need to have things checked between services.  It is cold weather so have your coolant checked.  Hoses, belts and batteries work harder in cold weather.  Check tires and tire pressure, don’t forget the spare.  Make sure you have a jack and tools to change a tire.  Make sure your wipers are in good shape.


Keep everything in good shape and expect a good return on your investment.