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J&W Auto Repair


By Wyatt Nettles

The most important part of your car. If
your car won’t start, you call someone to take
you to work. If your car won’t stop, you
panic. There are so many reasons your brakes
can fail. The best action to prevent failure is
maintenance. This is keeping a close check on
brake condition at regular service times.
Keeping an eye on pad and shoe condition at regular services will keep
you informed of unusual wear. All brakes should wear evenly. When we
see uneven wear from side to side or front to rear, it is the time to check
this out.

What causes uneven wear? There are a lot of components that can
cause this. With disc brakes, which is what most newer cars have, it can
be calipers, hoses, caliper slides or something restricting a line. So,
when we see uneven wear, we have to look at all possible causes, make
an estimate, and inform you of what needs to be done and cost of
repairs. At this time, we will let you know if the repair needs to be done
now, or if you can wait. With brakes, time is important. Do not let the
brakes go out. No brakes is no fun.

With rear brake shoes, the wear time is longer than the front pads.
We have to keep an eye on shoe wear and wheel cylinder.

So, why do some brakes wear out sooner on some cars than others?
Vehicle weight is one factor, but braking habits is the one that we look
at most. All people don’t brake the same. So, your brakes might not last
as long as someone else or vice versa.

Whatever the reason, we need to check brakes at regular intervals
and repair or replace when needed to prevent brake failure.