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AUTOMOTIVE: What’s in a diagnosis

By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

It’s not the equipment that repairs your vehicle; it’s the people behind the equipment. Some problems with vehicles are a simple hook-up, check codes and repair. These simple problems are usually repaired quickly, no return needed. But what if it is not simple? Now the person behind the machine makes a difference.

We are led to believe that we can hook up and repair. It’s not that simple most of the time. We see on TV we can hook up and tell what’s wrong with an app on our phone or through our computers at home. These might be OK for some people that have a knowledge of the systems. When we hook up scanners they do give us a route to follow, like a map. Some codes are caused by other things not tied to the code, so don’t change parts because of the code. An oxygen sensor code could be caused by problems with the engine, not the sensor. This is where the person using the equipment comes in. They are able to use the scanner, not a code reader, and diagnose what the engine is doing to cause the code. This takes time. Experience cuts down on time but we still have to pay for experience.

Take your vehicle to a technician that has the experience to tell what is wrong and let them tell you what you need. Create a relationship with your shop of trust. (To speak with Wyatt about your vehicle needs, call him at 931-728-1583.)