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AUTOMOTIVE: Where are we going this summer?

By Wyatt Nettles, J&W Repair

Thinking about summer vacation? Think about your car. Check the condition of your coolant; it is summer, and coolant condition is important. Check brakes, condition of rotors; are there any vibrations when stopping? If there are, it’s probably a good time to replace them. Check calipers and brake hoses.  These are all important when going on a trip. If you or your tech think it needs something, replace it.  Check condition of all tires, yes even your spare. Check for jack and lug wrenches, and make sure you know how to use them. If your spare is under your vehicle, make sure it will come down. These spares use a cable winch or other apparatus to lower them – make sure they work.  I know with cell phones you think you can get someone out to fix in a jiffy, but maybe not.

Now, if you do have a problem on the road, what will you do? You can depend on strangers to take care of you, or you can call your hometown shop and get their help. For my customers, if they break down, all they need to do is call me. I will research the area you are in and try to find a reputable place to help with your problems. I can talk to them, assess their willingness to take care of your problems and get you in touch with them. Have a good trip.