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Black blames Senate for job losses

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 11:05 am


During Thursday’s town hall meeting at Manchester City Hall, Republican Congressman Diane Black, speaking to a conservative crowd, deferred blame for the continuing sequestration cuts on the Senate.

Diane Black

Congresswoman Diane Black speaks to a crowd at Manchester City Hall. (Staff photo by Milton Stanley)

“Unfortunately, we were not able to get the Senate to agree with us on going in and replacing the sequester with what we thought were commonsense cuts,” Black said in response to a question about lost jobs due to sequestration.

“Twice we passed the bill over to them, and twice they did not take our bill up. We are still in that situation where we have a two percent across the board cut.”

Black advocated for a need for commonsense cuts, giving as an example a proposal to overhaul Job Workforce and Development Programs.

“These are 46 programs that are spread across nine different departments. Not only is there a lot of repetition up there, but these programs don’t have measurement tools … no metrics to tell if these programs are working.”

Black said that programs such as veteran workforce training, mother training and like programs are needed but should be consolidated into a measurable system.

“We’ve got a lot of people still out of work, if we’re spending $18 billion and we’re not putting people back into work, is that the best use of our dollars?

“The Senate did not take this up and we are where we are today – essentially cutting 2 percent across the board.”  …

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