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Do-it-yourself Halloween on a budget: Scare up some spooky décor that won’t hurt candy-stash funds

Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 10:06 am

John Coffelt
Mitsy Coffelt

Halloween Ghost Lights

If you’ve spent any time in the Halloween aisles, you know how expensive decorating can get expensive. Yet with a few basic tools, supplies and know-how, you can haunt your house and still have some cash for candy.

First off look at what things can be not just what they are. Resident haunter/Mrs. Lifestyles Writer, Mitsy Coffelt offered some handy ideas to get you started. And best of all they’re all pretty easy and very quick.

For less than five dollars she made a wreath that would be about $20 at a specialty store, ghost lights easily $10 a pop and a heavy-weight glass globe ghost that offers ambiance to any ghoulish knickknack corner.

Click for instructions for Halloween Wreath



Click here for how-to make Ghost Globes