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Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 11:53 am

milton-stanley-column bylineLast evening’s mid-week Bible study at Fredonia Church of Christ went pretty much as it always does. In the adult class, we read together through a part of Acts and discussed what the story meant when it was written and why it matters today.

What I like about how we study the Bible together at Fredonia is that I don’t so much teach as facilitate. Yes, I’ve done my homework and have some ideas on what we might want to discuss. But the man in front of the class is not the only one who does the talking. Everyone present is free to raise questions or offer insights, and every one of us, I think, benefits from sharing our thoughts and feelings on the Word. Together, members bring decades if not centuries of combined study of the Word. And so when we trust in the Lord we bring together more wisdom than any of us has individually.

That’s one of many benefits of being part of a body of believers. Jesus Christ, after all, died not for a collection of individuals but for his church. So when Christians gather together to study, to pray, to fellowship, to share the Supper and worship, we’re living like Jesus Christ intends us to live, in the community of faith. If we are to be in Christ Jesus, we must be in his body. And when his body comes together for study and worship, every member can be blessed.