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Posted on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 12:28 pm

“Hope” has got to be one of the limpest words in the English language. People slip it out to describe the weakest possibilities: “Think VISA will just forget about this $25,000 credit card bill? Well, I hope so.” In everyday talk, hope is about as weak as a pot of one-cube bouillon soup.

But in biblical terms, hope has power. It’s country ham with red-eye gravy and biscuits. It’s solid. It’s an anchor to the soul. Hope is affirming that the lies and injustice of this world are not all that’ll ever be. Christians hope in a Savior who died and rose again to bring us into the very presence of God. Hope is knowing that however bad things may look to our eyes, God sees what’s really going on. He has things under control, and us in his arms.

From Think Again: Developing the Mind of Christ One Thought at a Time, (c) copyright 2007, 2013, A. Milton Stanley