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EVERYTHING BUT SPORTS: More massive foolishness

Posted on Friday, August 23, 2013 at 9:48 am

milton-stanley-column bylineLast week I wrote on the massive foolishness of the new California law that allows grade-school students to use whatever rest room or dressing room they choose, based on what gender they consider themselves to be, even if they are in fact the opposite sex. Gender is not a matter of choice, I pointed out, but of chromosomes.

And now we have the press calling a man in prison, Bradley Manning, a woman based simply on his choice of “gender identity.” What’s shocking about this case is that he has not had his apparent gender either physically or legally altered (which still wouldn’t actually change his sex). No. Legally and by all appearances Bradley Manning is still a man.  Yesterday, however, Mr. Manning said he is a woman named Chelsea, and so today the Western media is awash in straight-faced references to him as a woman.

If this development doesn’t disturb you, then either you haven’t thought it through or you actually want all truth to devolve into debased and meaningless words. Our culture is already far, far down that road, and civilization cannot support itself if there is no real agreed-upon truth by members of that civilization.

Kevin D. Williamson wrote on this very issue this morning, in more depth than my earlier post, but with the same emphasis. His article is full of insightful observations and analyses, including this gem:

“Every battle in the war on reality begins with the opening of a new linguistic front.”

I strongly recommend reading Mr. Williamson’s whole article.