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Posted on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 8:32 am

Wednesday I said I’m tired of worrying about how fat I am. Today I make another confession: I’m suspicious of pretty much anyone over 30 who’s not at least a little bit overweight. I figure if a man living in America doesn’t pack on a few extra pounds by his fourth decade, it’s because he’s too stuck on himself—too self-centered and narcissistic—to really be a good person.

Is that a fair assessment? Of course not. Thinking someone is bad for being thin is just as unfair as judging someone morally inferior for being fat. Of course I know that. I said it was a suspicion, not a guiding principle.

I suspect others feel the same way; they just have more sense than to come out and say it. So why do I admit my own bias? Because I’m also tired of trying to convince myself I’m a better man than I really am. What gives me hope is not that I’m such a wonderful chap, but that I’m not, and God loves me anyway.

That love is called grace, and remembering it makes me want to really be a good man.


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