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Posted on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 5:13 pm

The recent brouhaha over a local county commissioner’s anti-Islamic Facebook posting points up an issue that ‘s worth remembering: While most Moslems are not terrorists, most terrorist attacks, in the United States at least, are indeed carried out by Moslems.

Stating such a basic fact is not “islamophobic” (a ridiculously mis-applied term meaning afraid of Islam). It’s not even misoislamic (a more correct term meaning hating Islam). It’s simply true. Mass terrorism is disproportionally carried out by Islamic extremists.

Every time a new terrorist act occurs in the United States, the mainstream media seem absolutely obsessed with ignoring any possible connection to Islam, from the 9-11 attacks to the Ft. Hood massacre to the Boston Marathon bombings and a dozen in between. So the press resorts to using codes such as “radical extremism,” a redundant euphemism for Islamic extremism.

The news media are not alone in this ignore-the-elephant mentality. Our government leaders in Washington also avoid calling things by their real names. Recall President Bush’s “global war on terror,” which confuses the enemy with its tactics. Imagine calling World War 2 the “War on Blitzkrieg” or the “Global War on Zeroes.”

Let’s have the courage to call things by their real names, including our enemies.


I serve as sports writer for the Manchester Times and preacher and elder for the Church of Christ at Fredonia. The opinions expressed here, however, are entirely my own.