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EVERYTHING BUT SPORTS: Tuesday linkfest!

Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 12:14 pm

milton-stanley-column bylineYes, dear reader, it’s time once again for a metaphorical feast of links to some of his week’s best writing on the web.

At Cerulean Sanctum Dan Edelen has posted some hard hitting essaysHis “Humility, Unity, and the Overly Opinionated Christian” finds a couple of sharp lessons in public reactions to the recent George Zimmerman trial. Dan also has a good little article on counting the cost of discipleship. Finally, he offers some practical advice on reading the Scriptures as most Christians have done through the ages–outloud, and in a group.

Jeff Weddle has been doing an early-July series on real liberty. I particularly liked Jeff’s essays, “Liberty Means We Don’t Care About Stuff,” “Your Two Choices,” “The Scariness of Freedom,” and especially “Liberty is Being Fully Provided For.” You can read the rest of the articles in Jeff’s series at his weblog, anti-itch meditation.

And although Kathryn Jean Lopez’s article is written from a religious perspective slightly different from my own, her thoughts on the religious angle of the Affordable Care Act are true and well spoken.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you are edified by what you find here.