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EVERYTHING BUT SPORTS: Tuesday linkfest!

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Once again it’s time for the Tuesday linkfest, a roundup of the best stuff I’ve read online this week.

The big national news, of course, has been in Boston. Numerous writers have rightly questioned the civil liberties side of putting tens of thousands of innocent citizens on “lock down” to find one suspect.  If you know the facts of how that suspect was found, you’ll know that this tweet is spot-on. If those less-than-140-words don’t register, you might want to read this comment on Bruce Schneier’s blog. For a fuller treatment, see Wendy Kaminer’s Atlantic article, “‘We Don’t Cower in Fear’: Reconsidering the Boston Lockdown.” The relevant point is this: if a single act of terror brings an entire, 8-million person metropolitan area to a standstill, and if Americans get used to soldier-clad police sweeping through whole neighborhoods in combat gear and automatic rifles, then haven’t the terrorists in part won already?

For a more positive take on responses to the Boston bombing, you might like Kurt Schlicter’s “Americans Run Towards the Fire.” Tim Carney’s “Civil Society, Not Big Brother, Is the American Way” also offers hope.

And speaking of hope, if past practices are any indication, perhaps one day Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be honored as a professor at an Ivy-League university.

And this one is totally off in a different direction, but Jeff Weddle is one of the best writers of truth-filled, biting satire. His biblical article, “Top Ten Ways to Deal With Verses You Don’t Like,” is a keeper.