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EVERYTHING BUT SPORTS: Tuesday linkfest!

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 11:45 am

This week’s Tuesday linkfest is dedicated to the proliferating yet still under-reported major scandals of the Obama administration. The misdeeds are breathtaking both in scope and sheer number. In addition to the languishing outrage of Operation Fast and Furious, new information has come to light in the past week on three huge scandals.

Benghazi response & coverup

George Will notes that the Benghazi attack was not “a movie review conducted with rocket-propelled grenades,” and the Washington Post‘s Fact Checker assigns “4 Pinocchios” to Obama’s claim that he immediately called the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. The scandal continues to grow as Breitbart reports that the State Department kept media from speaking to Benghazi survivors. And if you’re looking for a real bombshell, watch out for Petraeus in the Benghazi scandal. For more links on recent events in the scandal, see Legal Insurrection‘s Weekend Wrap-up of Benghazi Coverage.

IRS targeting of tea party groups

Despite initial claims, new evidence suggests that IRS headquarters knew about the tea party scandal earlier than initially reported, yet denied it to Congress. In fact, the AP reports that the IRS was targeting the tea party in 2011, and ABC News traces it back to 2010. Plus, IRS targeting of political opponents reportedly also covered outspoken business leaders and, apparently any political opponents. Should we be surprised? As this Wall Street Journal commentary pointed out at the time, Obama joked about using the IRS to audit his enemies in 2009.  Regarding the IRS scandal, law Prof. William Jacobson says, “This is getting real.” And if it is real, even Northeastern Democrats want heads to roll over the scandal. For links to even more reports on the scandal, see this post by Prof. Paul L. Caron. And if the whole thing is getting a little too complicated for you, this .pdf file from ABC News offers a scandal timeline.

DoJ’s snooping on the Associated Press

Here’s the Washington Post‘s overview of the Obama administration’s newest scandal, and here’s the AP’s own report. Journalists and lawmakers both are angry about the snooping.

Oh, and here’s one more little scandal, as reported by Lamar Alexander. Fundraising by Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius is “arguably an even bigger issue than Iran-Contra.

As Dan Drezner recently tweeted, last week was not a good one for those who don’t like conspiracy theories. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if the American people aren’t outraged to the point of action by these scandals, well, then there really is no hope for the republic. I seriously wonder what the answer is to George Will’s question about recent scandals and the White House: “How stupid do they think we are?