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FLOORING & HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICES: The do’s & dont’s on kitchen remodels

By Wendy Barton

Are you living in a house that you dream of making your own? From upgrades to repairs, a house is an excellent investment.  If you purchased a house and want to make it yours while adding value, a kitchen remodel is money well spent. Below you will find some Do’s and Don’ts on kitchen remodels. When you are thinking about a remodel project, please consider Southern Home Enterprises for your next adventure in Home ownership.

Do your research before you meet with a contractor or architect; create your own Pinterest account to curate images of your dream kitchen. Consider your ideal layout, appliances, functionality, finishes and color palette.

Do consider the purpose of the space. Is your kitchen the heartbeat of your home? Do you host dinner parties and need space to prepare for your guests? Are you a master chef who needs state of the art appliances? These details will help your architect determine the best layout to maximize your kitchen’s functionality.

Don’t skip the technical homework. As you visualize your new layout, determine the best location for your sink, electrical outlets and if you are building out, where you need windows or a sliding door. The functionality of these features will dictate the layout of the rest of the room.

Do maximize space. Take advantage of every square inch of your kitchen. If you aren’t building an addition, you can still gain space during a renovation by extending cabinets up to the ceiling, or turning an awkward corner space into a food prep corner.

Don’t rush through the planning and design phase. Your instincts will be to move quickly to the construction phase, but take your time to visualize the layout, functionality and design of your new kitchen. Every change during the remodeling process will cost you money and time; so picture yourself going through your daily routine in your new kitchen.

Don’t price yourself out of the neighborhood. The house may not be yours forever, so avoid adding so many upgrades that you price it out of the neighborhood when it comes time to sell.

Do budget to exceed. Budget at least 10% more in additional expenses to cover unforeseen costs you may likely incur.

Don’t overlook the business details. If you are using a contractor, get all the details of the renovation in writing up front, before you sign any contracts. Don’t make the final payment until all renovations are complete.

Do keep your receipts. File all receipts associated with your renovation in a safe place to submit when filing your taxes, or to reference if you sell your home.

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