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By Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

Whether you just bought a house or you have lived there for a while, the fastest way to increase your home’s value is by making a plan. You will fare better if upgrades are made intentionally and not on impulse. Home improvement projects cost about 20 to 25 cents on the dollar. The other 75 to 80 cents spent go directly back into the home through increased value.

Small improvements can pay off.

Start by making two lists – upgrades for you and upgrades for the home. Upgrades for the home consist of old faucets, lighting and doors. Upgrades for you are furniture, artwork and window treatments. With a plan you will see real progress.

Clean your house now for profits later.

If your house is on the market, a bright and sparkly home can attract buyers like a magnet. A house can never be too clean. Remember, de-cluttering is a form of cleaning. Just as dirt builds up, so does clutter.

Curb appeal counts.

Walk across the street, turn around and ask yourself, “Does my house have curb appeal?” Make a list of ways to enhance the positive and eliminate the negative. If you have a nice curvy walkway, accentuate it with flowers or lanterns. If the first thing a visitor sees is your big wide garage, try to guide their eyes into a beautiful front yard, or paint your front door red to guide the eye there. These things add value. For all your homes needs from remodeling to cleaning, S.H.E. can do it!!



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