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Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

By Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises




Home owners and businesses tend to concentrate on the décor and the way space feels. Flooring plays a major role in the look, feel and ambience of the room.

Your lifestyle, amount of traffic your floors will endure and budget will help determine the perfect flooring for your spaces needs. Determining your spaces function will be the most significant factor to choosing the flooring that right for the space.

Heavy Traffic Area: Resilient flooring such as ceramics, vinyl, LVT, or wood flooring are the best for these areas.

Minimal Traffic Area: Enjoy the softness underfoot. Carpet a whole area or use area rugs to add comfort.

Entry Spaces: These areas should have a wow factor while be resilient to the outdoor elements. Get creative in your entry space with hardwood, ceramic and now LVT inlays!

Wet Areas: Laundry rooms, Kitchen, and bath need to water resistant.  Ceramic and tile as well as LVT are good options for these areas. Hardwood and laminate are not recommended for these areas high moisture can cause warping and damage to these types of flooring

General Spaces: These rooms can have several different options hardwood, carpet, tile, LVT etc. The activities that will be in these areas will help you to get the best floor and long life out of your new flooring.

For all your Flooring needs, don’t hesitate call S.H.E. All consultations and estimates are free!

Happy New Year!

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