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FLOORING & HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Understanding your project

Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

By Wendy Barton, Southern Home Enterprises

Phase 1: Homeowner and Site Manager Meet and Greet

The Project Manager will meet with you to go over some specifics, such as the placement of your home. We will consider the home site dig-out, temporary power, water and Sani-can requirements.

Phase 2: Foundation Formed

Your Project Manager will arrange for your foundation to be poured.

Phase 3: Material Package to Site

Your Project Manager will order/schedule a lumber and window drop date. Additionally, he will schedule the mobilization of sub-contractor and supplier partners.

Phase 4: Complete Rough Framing

Your floor system, exterior and interior walls, and roof truss system will be completed.

Phase 5: Rough Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating Installation

Once the shell is finished, your Project Manager will arrange the siding and roofing installation. A crew of professionals will begin the rough-in phase of your plumbing, electrical and heating systems.

Phase 6: Install Insulation and Stock Drywall

Your Project Manager will arrange for exterior wall insulation and caulk and seal. Drywall will be stocked on site.

Phase 7: Drywall Tape and Texture

Your Project Manager will arrange a crew to hang, tape, finish, prime and texture your home’s interior.

Phase 8: Paint

The Project Manager will arrange your projected timeline for interior painting.

Phase 9: Cabinet Install.

S.H.E. will arrange for a crew to start installation of your cabinets and underlayment.

Phase 10: Countertop and Hard Surface Installation

Your Project Manager will arrange to have your countertops, vinyl, ceramics, hardwoods and any other homebuyer hard surface selection installed.

Phase 11: Interior Doors and Trim

We will have the interior doors and trim installed over the hard surfaces.

Phase 12: Plumbing and Heating Finish Trims

Your Project Manager will arrange to have your light fixtures, outlets and switches installed. Additionally, your sinks, toilets and faucets are installed, as well as heating finish trims.

Phase 13: Mirror, Towel Bar and Shelving Trims

Your site manager will arrange for the finishing touches to take place by installing your mirrors, towel bars and closet shelving.

Phase 14: Carpet/Soft Surfaces

Pad and carpets will be installed.

Phase 15: Final Building Inspection

Your Project Manager will arrange for the county building code official to complete a final inspection for a Certificate of Final Occupancy.

Phase 16: Quality Inspection & Orientation w/ Homeowner

Your Project Manager will walk you through an orientation of your new home and answer any questions you may have.




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