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FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: When it all aligns

Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 10:52 am


I’m going to write this week with the assumption that you have not been living in a cave and are aware of the solar eclipse that took place Monday.

Honestly, I did not know what to expect. Not that there wasn’t an abundance of news coverage explaining the timing, the phases, etc., it’s just hard to fathom until it actually happens. And I must say, it was truly one of the most phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experiences I’ve been blessed to partake in.

I’m thankful that we decided to take the kids over to neighboring Warren County to experience a minute and 50 seconds of “totality” (a word that is a bit intimidating if you ask me).

Josh Peterson, publisher

I’ve seen the social media posts out there that this was an “overhyped” event. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. But I think those folks should take a minute to appreciate everything that has to align just perfectly for us to get a glimpse at something so rare.

That got me thinking about other once-in-a-lifetime things that are certainly not as publicized but ones that leave me with a fist pump and a silent celebration when they do happen.

Like finishing the jar of peanut butter and the jar of jelly at the exact same time. Actually, I have found this to be rarer of a phenomenon than this great eclipse we saw. Generally I finish the peanut butter with just enough jelly left for another two, maybe three sandwiches. Once this happens, the cabinets and refrigerator shelves are forever out of sync, with two jelly containers to every one peanut butter jar. I suppose I could just throw away the almost gone jelly, but I’m far too cheap for that. I suppose if it doesn’t happen for me it will happen for my great grandkids – at some point this will align.

Something that happens more often than an eclipse (probably) but is certainly worth noting is that moment when you are able to sit down at a concert and watch your favorite band of all time play an iconic set. Whoever the band may be, it’s special to you and one of those moments that you relish forever. You remember the opener, the setlist in order and every word uttered between songs.

Then there is the smaller, but far more important than people realize moment of your favorite song playing on the radio and ending at the exact same time you park the car.

This scenario has played out for me what seems like millions of times – I’m 30 seconds from parking the car and my “jam” comes on the radio. What am I supposed to do with that? Sit there in the parking lot and sing like a weirdo, or turn off the car and leave knowing I have two minutes of lyrical greatness remaining? Then there are the times I actually slow down my driving in hopes to time this out perfectly, but it never works. I end up with a car trailing behind, cussing at me and I still can’t drive slow enough to resolve the problem.

Some things are big and some are little. Enjoy life when it aligns just right.

–Josh Peterson is the publisher of the Manchester Times. He is a Tennessee Press Association award-winning writer and photographer. His column, “From the publisher’s desk” won TPA first-place honors for best personal humor column and best personal column. The National Newspaper Association named him “Top 30 Under 30” of newspaper professionals in 2016. He can be reached by email or by telephone at 931-728-7577 ext. 105. Follow him on Twitter @joshpeterson29

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