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Posted on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 8:56 am

Saturdays are usually my rest day, but a daily column should be updated, you know, daily. So on Saturdays I’ll be posting excerpts from my upcoming book, Think Again! Developing the Mind of Christ. Here’s a sample.


For Christians, grace has nothing to do with beauty, charm, or being a good dancer. Those are, quite literally, pagan ideas of grace. In the Bible, grace is a free gift from God. It’s not something God gives us for following his instructions or being his friend or taking an afternoon to go look at resort properties. It’s a gift we haven’t earned and don’t deserve.

It’s also how Christians are saved—as a gift, unearned. People sometimes argue about when Christians are saved: when we believed, when we repented, or when we were baptized? Here’s the answer. We were saved, by grace, when Jesus died on the cross. We were saved, by grace, before the foundation of the world. By grace—I still don’t fully understand what that means. But I know beyond a doubt it’s true.
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