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  • FLOORING & HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICES: The do’s & dont’s on kitchen remodels

    By Wendy Barton Are you living in a house that you dream of making your own? From upgrades to repairs, a house is an excellent investment.  If you purchased a house and want to make it yours while adding value, a kitchen remodel is money well spent. Below you... Read more

  • AUTOMOTIVE: Check engine light

    By Wyatt Nettles What is a “Check Engine” light? The check engine light is to warn the driver of some kind of computer system problem.  The computer system consists of a module that collects information from sensors on the engine.  This is called an ECM – Engine Control Module. ... Read more

  • REAL ESTATE: What to do before buying a home

    By Janet Nettles – Owner/Broker       Middle Tennessee Properties RESEARCH REALTORS AND LENDERS INTERVIEW REALTORS If you haven’t worked with a REALTOR in a while, ask friends and family about their REALTOR. Interview several agents. Set up appointments and ask questions. Among your questions ask if the REALTOR is... Read more

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Generosity within limits

    By Chris Cravens One of the great things about wealth is getting to share it with those you care about, during your lifetime or after. Current tax laws enable you to do just that quite generously. As a quick reminder, here are a few ways you can make the... Read more

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Play by the (tax) rules

    Rollovers are treated and reported separately from regular IRA contributions. That means you can roll over an old retirement account to a new one in the same year you make your regular IRA contributions. Following a few rules will ensure your money is transferred properly. For example, so-called direct... Read more

  • REAL ESTATE: Why should you hire a professional when buying or selling.

      You begin quite a journey when you make the decision to buy or sell a home. You need a Real Estate Professional, a REALTOR. Someone with experience. Someone that can help you reach you ultimate goal, a home owner. The reason you need a professional hasn’t changed. Projections... Read more

  • AUTOMOTIVE: Time to winterize your vehicle

      Cold weather is coming.  What should we do to prepare our vehicles for it?  First we need to check the condition of our coolant.  A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is good enough for our climate.  This will bring our freezing point to -32 degrees Fahrenheit.  This... Read more


    The New Year is excellent time to complete projects in doors, and consider adding on to your home before spring. Indoor projects can range from upgrading your lighting, plumbing fixtures, bathroom vanities, paint or knock out a wall and add that extra square footage. The tips below will help... Read more

  • FLOORING & HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Go green when you clean

    Southern Home Enterprises uses safe and green products while cleaning your home or office. Extracted from plants, some essential oils can kill mold and bacteria. They are very strong, so don’t go overboard: One drop of peppermint oil is as potent as 30 cups of peppermint tea. We started... Read more

  • AUTOMOTIVE: Where are we going for Christmas? Make sure your vehicle is ready

    Planning the trip for Christmas, there are a few things to check. Most important, of course, is brakes. Have a good inspection of all brake components. Abnormal wear is a sign of something sticking. Check caliper slides, hoses for problems; brake fluid conditions can cause brake calipers to stick... Read more

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Say goodbye to your old job, not your retirement savings

    Leaving an employer shouldn’t mean leaving your savings behind After months of sending out resumes, dreaming of bigger and better things, you finally landed a new job. Congratulations! You’ve taken charge of your career. The question is, are you still in control of your retirement? Leaving a job, whether... Read more

  • REAL ESTATE: FSBO and Discount-Broker Sales at Record Lows

    You might think that the Internet and today’s seller’s market is coaxing an unusually large share of homeowners into selling without an agent. And for the home sellers who list with agents, you might guess that they’re favoring the limited-service variety – commonly referred to as “discount agents” –... Read more