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Library holds annual signing Jan. 18

Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:27 am

john coffelt

 JTEllisonIMG_4870fullcolor copy croppedThe Coffee County Manchester Public Library will hold its annual author signing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and will feature several new faces as well as the many local favorites.

“I love coming down and doing this one in Manchester. It’s one of my favorites,” said New York Times Bestselling Author JT Ellison, of Nashville.

Ellison said that she blanketed the country when her first book released, but her appearances have slackened since.

“Sadly the signings are getting smaller, I don’t know if that’s because of e-books or the Internet where you have instant access to your favorite authors on Facebook and Twitter and their websites and blogs.”

She said that the relationship between author and reader falls into two basic camps.

“Some would say that they’re doing a conversation enough with the book.

“But the Internet has changed all of that. The publishing houses really push authors to have Facebook pages and really connect with their readers.”

Ellison added that she likes the interaction with fans.

“They’re wonderful and a lot of fun. For me it’s a good time, but I don’t think everyone would say that.”

Ellison explained that she has learned much from readers about her books.

“They have insight into the books and the characters that I sometimes don’t see.”

At a subconscious level the author adds things to a work that are open to other’s interpretation.

“That’s what I get from my readers. When they ask me these really deep questions that I’ve never even thought about, it brings a whole new subtext to the book for me.”

But, she says, there are always the how-much-do-you make and where-do-you-get-your-ideas questions that she takes with good humor.

When asked how e-books and self-publishing are changing the industry she offered with, no doubt, a reassurance to hard and fast book lovers, that paper is most likely here to stay.

“Honestly, I have no problem with indie authors. I do indie publishing,” she said.

She agreed that some content is lacking, but offered that there is also some not so great content from the bigger publishing houses.

“It’s all subjective. I think self-publishing has given a lot of people, who have a lot of talent, but haven’t gotten their break, or haven’t brought their writing to a commercial level, … a chance to get their writing out there and get it read and get some feedback.”

She said the changes won’t end traditional publishing model but is definitely changing it.

“With the influx of so many new delivery methods come so many new readers.”

Now readers have access to an unprecedented amount of content, shifting much of the what’s good from the hands of a few corporate editors to the actual consumers.

Joining Ellisonon Saturday will be local author Michael R. Bradley who will bring his latest book, “The Raiding Winter,” a lively retelling of Confederate cavalry operations during the winter of 1862.

Postcard Heritage Series book authors Jane Banks Campbell, a Coffee County native and freelance writer and former professor of mass communications and English, and Lori Jill Smith a graduate of Vanderbilt University and adjunct instructor at Columbia State will be available with copies of their work.

Also new this year, Colene Cutshaw has compiled a book of words to live by.  We welcome her to her first author signing.

Kaye Dacus, historical and contemporary romance, Kaye is returning to the author signing with a new series, The Great Exhibition, set in 1851.

Former county commissioner Jackie Duncan, now Tullahoma alderman, will bring his book, “Living on Purpose (The Poetry of Life).”

Ellison returns with her Tayler Jackson and Dr. Samantha Owens series, with a new title due to release Feb. 25.

Poppy Jackson wrote her first book, “Imaginary,” when she was thirteen years old and had it published when she was sixteen. She is a now senior at CCA (Chattanooga High school Center of Creative Arts) and hopes that the earnings she makes off her books will pay for a car.

Coffee County resident and retiree of AEDC Wayne Jennings has produced an amazing collection of drawings and prints.

Kim Law, RITA nominee and Golden Heart winner, writes sexy and small-town contemporary romances for Montlake Romance.  When not writing, Kim can often be found at her Middle Tennessee home where she lives with two cats, two dogs and husband.

Beverly Fetzer Oakley Her book, “Hanging on for Dear Life,” had been married 16 years when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she turned to writing for therapy and prayer for strength.

Michael Clinton Oliver writes about the South from his nearby ancestral farm where he resides with his wife and children.  He returns to the author signing with his latest, “The Last to Let You Down.”

Amy Parker has written more than twenty books for children, teens, and adults, but most importantly, she is a wife a mom to two amazing sons.

Weldon Payne fans unite and visit with him at the author signing.  Weldon’s latest novel “Scuppernong” grapples with the perennial core question of how far should one go in attempts to help colleagues attain salvation.

Michele Pendleton lives in Huntsville, Ala., and having published, “Rose,” “On Her Own” and its sequel, is thrilled to finally be living her dreams as an author.

Honor Raconteur has never grown out of her love for dragons, fairies and other fantastical creatures.  She has published several books this year including “Midnight Quest,” “Kingslayer” and “The Child Prince.”

H.L. Robertson is a licensed consulting engineer, general contractor, and ordained minister. He has published Into His Presence, a fresh and unique view of the Lord’s Prayer.

Sheila Robertson returns to the author signing with the first book of a new children’s series “Fairhaven Forest: The Adventure Begins,” where she shares important lessons on obedience.

R.D. Sherrill is a career journalist serving as crime and courts writer with Southern Standard newspaper in McMinnville.  “Red Dog Saloon” is his first full-length novel and is a true middle Tennessee work: authored, edited and cover art all created locally.

Ken Vanderpool is a life-long fan of crime suspense and thriller fiction who began to write following an eye-opening medical procedure and an intimate encounter with his mortality.  We welcome Ken to the author signing with “When the Music Dies.”