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Wedding/Engagement Announcement Form

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Email – Please attach photos as a jpeg image if using email to submit.

The Manchester Times desires to publish a complete and accurate account of your wedding. To aid in doing so, complete this form and return it to the Manchester Times. Please underline the names by which the bride-elect and bridegroom-to-be are known. Print or type only. You may also turn in a copy of your wedding program so additional information may be included in the article. Please include an email address as well.

Full name of bride
Bride’s phone number
Bride’s city and state
Bride’s parents and city of which they live
Bride’s grandparents and where they live

Full name of bridegroom
Groom’s city and state
Groom’s parents and city of which they live
Groom’s grandparents and where they live

Date and time of wedding
Location of wedding
Wedding Trip to
Bride’s schools and organizations

Groom’s schools and organizations
Couple’s employment

Couple will reside