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Little Hands are Making a Difference in Coffee County

Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 9:36 am

It is never too early to make a difference in your surrounding community; the local kids who make up the cast of Help Out Inc.’s “Robin Hood: A Musical Theater Production” are living proof. The same 17 kids are going to take what they have learned over the past 6 weeks into the Coffee County School’s local aftercare program in order to perform and share their hard work and morals learned with their peers. When asked why Help Out Inc., a local 501(c)(3) education based non-profit, chose this classic tale to teach morals, Robin Hood Director and Help Out Inc. President, Samantha Terrell said, “Robin Hood has the ability to teach kids about standing up for the helpless and that is something that everyone can learn from, no matter their age.” This local kids cast of Robin Hood ranges in age from 5-11 and on account of their youth, they are able to bring an energetic quality to this timeless tale.
Help Out Inc. has also announced a special weekend of community wide performances of Robin Hood which will be held at Manchester’s Duck River Electric Auditorium (213 E. Fort Street) in mid-September. These special weekend performances will include a “Dinner Theater” portion to the show. The public performance dates include, Friday Sept. 14th & Saturday Sept. 15th at 7pm & Sunday Sept. 16th at 2pm (Dinner begins 1 hour prior to show time). Tickets are $10 dollars per person and those ages 5 and under are FREE. **However, Seating is Limited.** For Reservations, call 863-801-1526 or email