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Manchester Cumberland Presbyterian Church (MCPC) Vacation Bible School 15-9 July 2013

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 3:36 pm

For most youngsters, summer time means lots of fun playing with their friends, time off from school, or an action packed vacation with the family. But, for some children, summer also brings Vacation Bible School (VBS), a place where they can have fun and grow spiritually.   While it’s a fun experience, the impact VBS can have on young lives is often far-reaching and follows children into their adult years.

This year MCPC’s VBS is scheduled for July 15 – 19   from 5:15-7:45.  Children from Kindergarten thru 5th grade are welcome to enjoy the experience.  The theme for this year’s VBS is “Fun Fair:  Neighbors Around the World”

Fun Fair: Neighbors  Around the World will  take the children on a fantastic experience where they will  will learn about their  neighbors around the world and discover that God’s love can be found everywhere, including their own backyard. Children will be introduced to special places from all over the world and discover that we all are neighbors and all children of God.  More importantly they will learn how to be a good neighbor to everyone and discover the true meaning of  “Love the Lord your God…and love your neighbor as yourself.”    Luke 10:27.

Fun times will be had by all when dedicated MCPC members help the children do cool crafts, listen to great and sometimes “rocking” music, listening to Bible stories, learning about Gods plans for them to be good neighbors and (yum) have some good and healthy snacks.

So if you want your children to have a fun filled Christian learning experience  that they will never forget,  then enroll them in the MCPC Vacation Bible School now by calling 931-728-2975.