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Manchester rec center’s ‘Winning Tomorrow Today’ program starts soon

Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 4:07 pm

The Manchester Recreation Department will be beginning next month its “Winning Tomorrow Today” program to help connect individuals and families that are diabetic, pre-diabetic or with a BMI of greater than 30 with a mentoring program.

“Our goal is to help lead individuals and families to a healthier future where they can take charge of their health,” said Manchester Recreation Director Bonnie Gamble.

The program, which is funded by the Tennessee Department of Health, will begin Sept. 8 and consist of weekly “Winning Tomorrow Today” sessions at the Ada Wright Center. It is the second and final year of funding from the original $30,000 grant.

The program is not “simply a weight loss program,” and success is “not measured merely on pounds lost,” according to Gamble.

“It is a program to promote a physically and mentally healthier person or child by providing them the tools to make a lifestyle change. Our goal is to decrease dependence on future medical interventions and increase the ability of participants to improve their overall health and wellbeing,” added Gamble.

The enrollment for this session ends Sept. 5.

The first step for interested parties is to obtain a referral from a physical or health provider. Each person who is interested in the program must have their physician or heath provider sign the referral program form, which can be obtained at the Manchester Recreation Center. The recreation center is located at 557 N. Woodland St. in Manchester.

During the program, the participants will have free use of the recreation complex; there will be periodic measurements and screenings (information will not be made public without written consent of participant or parent); child care will be provided for free during weekly sessions for those who need service; incentive prizes will be given upon completion of predetermined milestones; those who successfully complete the program and earn required points will receive a year family pass to the recreation center.

The program will last from Sept. through May.

“The program was really successful last year,” explained Gamble, who explained that 50 people have gone through the program. “We had people who were taking insulin entering this program who no longer take it. We had one man walking with a cane and could hardly walk and when the program was over he was four-wheeling, gardening and fishing. We have had great success from people who have committed and followed the program.”

For more information, contact the Manchester Recreation Center at 931-728-0273.