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Manchester youth football player named Titans Jr. Broadcaster of the Week

Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 11:18 am

Manchester's Darryn Strickland (middle) got to meet Titans Radio's Frank Wycheck (left) and Mike Keith (right). (Photo provided)

Manchester’s Darryn Strickland (middle) got to meet Titans Radio’s Frank Wycheck (left) and Mike Keith (right). Strickland was named Jr. Broadcaster of the week on Nov. 28 and was awarded tickets to the Titans-Broncos game on Dec. 11. (Photo provided)

Demarco Moore, Sports Writer 

Darryn Strickland had a good feeling about playing middle school football at Westwood this season rather than youth football in Manchester.

It turns out, Strickland may have opened the door for a brand new hobby in broadcasting after being named the Priceless IGA Tennessee Titans Jr. Broadcaster of the Week on Nov. 28.

“He knew if he played youth football he would have lots of playing time,” said Strickland’s¬†father Danny , who had coached Darryn and the Red Raiders for six years. “He choose to learn as a 6th grader to be better ready as a 7th grader.”

When watching the Raiders play one day, Strickland’s father overheard the need for a Public Address (PA) Announcer for that weekend’s games. Danny was asked to do so, but as he got to the press box he overheard a familiar voice over the loud speakers — his son Darryn.

“The league liked what he did and asked him to come back for the rest of the home games and continue to be the P.A.,” explained Danny.

Danny started receiving pictures and videos of Darryn calling Red Raider youth football games, and decided to submit his son after hearing about the Titans Radio Jr. Broadcaster of the week award while listening to 1045 The Zone in Nashville.

“I figure what could it hurt to send in a video clip of my son and see what happens,” he said.

Ironically enough, Nov. 28 — the day Titans Radio chose the Jr. Broadcaster of the week — was Darryn’s 12th birthday.

“We eventually got the call but we refrained from telling him until he was opening his birthday gifts,” said Danny.

In addition to a commemorative award from Titans Radio, Darryn received four tickets to see the Titans home game against the Denver Broncos on Dec. 11, which included a meet and greet with play-by-play men Mike Keith and Frank Wycheck.

Darryn was also interviewed by Titans Radio host Rhett Bryan.

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