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Manchester to Manchester Area youths, adults visit city’s namesake, other UK locations

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 12:02 pm

England group Lower Right

Pictured, from left, in the back row are Stacy Wimberley, Janelle Taylor, Alexis Johnson, Trevor Lythgow, Cathy Johnson. In the front row are, Genie Jarrell, Riley Elrod, Anna Nickles and trip sponsor Megan Benton, Coffee County Central High School teacher. Not pictured is Cody Pyle.

A group of Coffee County Central High School Students and area residents recently returned from a fourteen-day tour of the British Isles.

“I lead independent student travels, said Megan Benton, Coffee County Central High School’s environmental science teacher. “It’s not really associated with the school.”

England TOP Background

Above, Glastonbury abbey was founded in the 7th century and enlarged in the 10th, before a major fire in 1184 destroyed the buildings. It was rebuilt and by the 14th century was one of the richest and most powerful monas-teries in England. The abbey also controlled large tracts of surrounding land and was instrumental in major drainage projects. Inset photo shows members of the Oregon group at Avebury Henge in England (Photos provided).

Ten people, five students and five adults from Coffee County joined Benton on the trip.  Several of the adults were parents of the students. The group joined groups from Oregon and Kentucky for a total of 40 travelers.

The group toured Ireland, crossed the Irish Sea by ferry to Holyhead, Wales, saw Snowdonia National Park in Wales, traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, took an overnight train to London, saw the Roman Baths in Bath, England, and visited Stonehenge and Avebury Henge.

Benton said they visited our town’s British namesake, Manchester, England.

“Manchester’s soccer team is kind of a big deal.”

Benton said the group tried haggis neeps and tatties, a traditional and homely dish made from left over haggis, a lamb and offal mince, topped off with neeps (turnips) and tatties, or potatoes.

The most beautiful city was Edinburgh, Scotland, but enjoyed the Snowdonia National Park in Wales, which is made of public and private lands.

“Nothing compares to Snowdonia Park in Wales. It was lush green, sheep and rock fences.”

She said that the park is unusual because people maintain traditional rural English private farms on the park area.

“It was just gorgeous.”

Oregon Group Top Right

The Oregon group at Avebury Henge.

Benton offers tours through Educational Tours.

She is planning a European tour of Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France in 2015.

For more information, contact Benton at CHS or on Facebook.