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Dr. Jay Trussler

MEDICAL – Don’t always believe Dr. Google, Part 2

By Dr. Jay Trussler

Last month we looked at some common medical myths from “Dr. Google.” Just in case you missed it, those included staying out in the cold with wet hair will cause a cold, popping your knuckles will make them bigger / cause arthritis, and cranberry juice can treat and/or cure a urinary tract infection – all myths. For more information on those you can read last month’s column by clicking here.

This month I have another myth for you:

Myth #4: Multi-vitamins will help you be healthier and live longer

Big myth. I know that I probably just made you mad because you just went to the all-natural health food store and spent $60 and you want to feel like it’s going to make a difference in your life.  I will say however if you are looking to supplement an unhealthy diet (e.g. only eating meat and cheese, etc.) then you may need a multi-vitamin but if you already have a well-balanced diet and you have not had any bariatric surgery then you would be better off spending your hard-earned money on vegetables, nuts, fruits, and low fat dairy products.