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Dr. Jay Trussler

MEDICAL – Don’t always believe Dr. Google

By Dr. Jay Trussler

Myth #1:  Staying out in the cold with wet hair will cause a cold.

Colds aren’t caused by wet hair and cold temperatures. They are caused by viruses. When it’s cold outside, we humans tend to go inside and hang out with others in the small confines of our homes or work, and then we pass those germs along.  Worry more about washing your hands than drying your hair.

Myth #2:  Popping your knuckles will make them bigger/cause arthritis.

The popping noise is just the bones of your fingers and hand pulling apart and creating a vacuum. When the seal to the vacuum is broken you will hear a “CRACK.” It hasn’t been proven to cause arthritis or make your knuckles bigger, but it can weaken your finger strength over time.

Myth #3:  Cranberry juice can treat and/or cure a urinary tract infection (UTI).

I can’t tell you how many patients have come in with a UTI surprised that it didn’t get better because they “have been drinking lots of cranberry juice.” There was a study that showed 10 oz. of cranberry juice can lower rates of UTIs. It was sponsored by… OCEAN SPRAY (yeah, the makers of the juice). Since that study, there have been more done with cranberry juice and cranberry’s most potent components in capsule form that showed similar rates of UTIs when compared with placebo. Drinking plenty of fluids, however, is important and can help assist antibiotics in ridding the body of the bacterial infection.