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Midget Falcons finish season with win

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Saturday the Manchester Midget Falcons finished their season 4-3 with a 20-6 win over the Cowan Purple Lions.

The Falcons’ offense was led by Konor Heaton with two touchdowns. Cameron Ballard also scored and touchdown, and Darryn Strickland and Adam Daniels each scored extra points. Eli Felice and Ethan Hargrove also had big runs for the Falcons, and Jonathan Akers stepped up in his first game at center.

The Falcons’ defense was led by Heaton, as well as linemen Jack Anderson, Johnathan Akers, Ethan Frasier and Strickland.

“This was the most complete game the Falcons have played this season, and they knew it,” said coach Danny Strickland.

The Midget Falcons will be participating in the Southern Classic Youth Football Superbowl in Cookeville Nov. 16-17.

“These kids have grown so much from day one until now,” Strickland said. “They have shown heart, character and determination all season. No matter how tough the game was, they never quit, they kept fighting, and they and their parents should be proud. These boys truly became a family in the last couple months; I believe they cared more about their teammates than anything….At only seven and eight years old, these boys showed everyone what team sports should be about.

“Yes, they fought to win, but moreover they fought for each
other. If a player was hurt, they were quick to a knee, no matter the
team. If a teammate was struggling, they never got down on him rather
they would help lift him up. If a played was doing great things, they
would slap his head and tell him great job. . . . As a coaching
staff, we coaches could not be more pleased with the group of boys we
had this year, the record may show us 4-3 but it doesn’t show the heart
of champions these boys had. That is were the true championship is won,
and they did just that and more.”