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New 111A opens in Manchester

Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 2:06 pm

Exit ramp b

Staff Writer
John Coffelt

TDOT opened the new Interstate 24 exit ramp 111A Monday providing easier traffic flow onto the westbound lanes of Highway 55 to Manchester and Tullahoma.

Monday’s opening finished a 9-month long project that was unusual ┬áin that it runs through, yet preserves, a portion of an adjacent wetland. The ramp plans included an 18-foot high wall, a feature that avoids grading the roadway and filling in the wetland.

Civil Constructors Foreman Scott Hansert said the wooded area between Coffee County Raider Academy and the Interstate was all wetlands.

“We had to build that to keep the wetlands. The other side is sloped back, but this side we couldn’t do that.”

He said that the 18-foot structure added over $1 million to the protect.

Civil Constructors will still be working in the area installing an island in the median on Highway 55 to prevent traffic from crossing oncoming lanes.