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Oak Drive to close for maintenance

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 10:03 am

Staff Reports

Part of Oak Drive in Manchester will be closed from April 24 to May 6 due to road construction. The street will be closed from its intersection with Highway 55 and its intersection with Belmont Drive, according to the Manchester Public Works Department.

The road work scheduled is related to the development of a new Speedway gas station and convenience store at the corner of Hwy. 55 and Oak Drive.

A section of Oak Drive will be closed for road work from April 24 to May 6. (Staff photo by John Coffelt)

“[Smith Construction Group] will be cutting the roadway to connect the sewer to the manhole, as well as widen the street,” said Public Works Director Brent Carter. “At that time they will also be restructuring the whole intersection’s red light system.”

Carter added that the contractors will be modifying the red light system to include programming that will allow the light to detect sitting vehicles and traffic flow. This can allow for longer light phases in lanes that are experiencing heavy traffic, or shorter or skipped phases for lanes experiencing little to no traffic, Carter said.

The road work is not expected to affect traffic on Hwy. 55 itself.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect through traffic,” Carter said. “It shouldn’t affect the traffic coming from Tullahoma to Manchester, and vice versa.”

Oak Drive will reopen as normal May 7.