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Phone scam is targeting Coffee County residents, officials say

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 8:30 am

By Wayne Thomas, staff writer

Area law enforcement officials are warning Coffee Countians not to fall victim to a phone scam that is currently being conducted.

According to law enforcement, the callers inform their intended victim that they have won $10 million from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse.

“We have had a number of calls in the last week from people who were told that they had won, but we checked and nobody living in Coffee County has won the contest,” Manchester Police Department investigator Butch Stewart stated.

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves stated that he too has received a call from a resident who has received one of the scam calls. However, Tullahoma Police Department Chief Paul Blackwell stated that his department has not had any complaints about the scam calls.

“But that doesn’t mean that no one has received one of the calls,” Blackwell stated.

According to Stewart, the caller advises the intended victim that they have won $10 million and that all they have to do is pay $10,000 for taxes and handling fees. “If you have won something why would you have to send money to collect it?” Stewart questioned.

Sheriff Graves added that anyone receiving one of the calls should hang up and “by all means don’t give out personal information, including Social Security numbers.”