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Raider Academy Spotlight

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

This week the Coffee County Raider Academy would like to recognize Hunter Good as an outstanding freshman. He represents the best at CCRA

Good is such a sweet young man. He always manages to make everyone around him, smile or laugh. He works hard for his teachers, even if he likes to get us off track. He is a great friend toward other students, and he shows his teachers that they are important to him.

Good is an all-around great person, and he deserves to know that because he doesn’t think the faculty notices that about him sometimes. He truly represents CCRA in a great way. He works very hard and always gives 100 percent effort in class. Students like Good are what make CCRA such a great place to be.

Good is the son of Joe and Crystal Good. He is comes to CCRA from the North Coffee community. At CCRA he works hard and is focused on getting good grades He plays football for the Red Raiders.

When not in school he enjoys racing, football, playing video games, working on vehicles, riding 4 wheelers, off-roading and being around family and friends. After high schools she wants to go to a tech school and become a diesel mechanic.

CCRA is proud to have Hunter Good as the student of the week. Congratulations, from all the faculty and staff at CCRA.