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REAL ESTATE: Fall maintenance tips for home owners


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Janet Nettles – Middle Tennessee Properties

by Janet Nettles, Middle Tennessee Properties

  • Homeowners should do a fall cleaning, inside and out. With the cooler fall temperatures and the falling leaves, homeowners should take a hard look at their real estate investment.


    Open up the windows and let the fall air in. Remove screen and wash with warm, soapy water. Wash windows inside and out. Clean the window casings. Remove the curtains, and wash and replace with a heavier winter curtain. Dust the blinds.


    Remove leaves and any blockages from gutters and downspouts. Check for broken or damaged areas; it’s important to direct the upcoming snow and ice away from your home.


    Winterize outside faucets with insulated covers. Remove all water from water hose and store for the winter.


    Mow the lawn and put it to “bed for the winter.” Mulching the fall leaves will give the lawn a little extra fertilizer. Check the lawn. Are there spots that need reseeding from the long hot summer? Seeding before the first frost will give the lawn a head start in the spring.


    Don’t forget to close the air vents in the crawl space under the house. Clean the dryer vents. Remove the hose from the dryer. Take an air hose and blow out all excess lint. A clogged dryer vent is one of the leading causes of house fires.


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