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REAL ESTATE: It’s all about location, location, location


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Janet Nettles – Middle Tennessee Properties

by Janet Nettles, Middle Tennessee Properties

As we have heard all our lives, real estate is all about location.

Work with a full time realtor. A professional realtor stays up to date on changes in the local market.

Working with a local realtor can make this process easier.

When reading or listening to what the real estate market is doing, you should be looking at the local market, not the national market.


Sales got off to a booming start in January, but contract signing last month had a small retreat.

This indicates a choppy market in the months to come nationally.

However, the local market is only held back by the lack of houses on the market.

With lower inventory comes higher sales prices. It all comes back to supply and demand.

The stock market has been at record highs. The job market is on the rise.

Buyers are feeling confident in their financing. Working with a local loan officer makes the process easier.

If you are in the market to buy, have your finances in order.

Get pre-approved and know what you can borrow.

Have your bank letter on hand to submit with your offer.

Make a “clean” offer, meaning as few contingencies as possible.

A realtor will know the highs and the lows. Ask for a market assessment on property that you may be interested in.

Your local agent can do this for you, since they know the local market.

Real estate is an ever changing market. What’s true today may change tomorrow, or even next week. Stay up to date.

Check with your local realtor before making a life-changing decision.



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