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REAL ESTATE: Simple tips to get your home ready to sell


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Janet Nettles – Middle Tennessee Properties

by Janet Nettles, Middle Tennessee Properties

You’ve been in your house for a few years or even longer. You’ve decided to sell.

In today’s highly competitive market, sellers have to offer their house in tiptop condition in order to sell at top price. If a buyer thinks the exterior has been well maintained, he or she will assume the interior has been maintained as well.



First Impressions

Take a look at your house as if you are going to buy it.

Does your house have curb appeal?

Would you be proud to say this is your new home?

What’s the condition of the driveway and sidewalk?

Are they cracked or are weeds growing through them?

Does the grass need cutting? Are there bare spots in the lawn? Is the yard full of discarded toys?

Are cars parked in the driveway instead of the garage?

Does the roof need replacing or cleaning? Are the gutters clean?



Is the lawn mowed? Are the flowerbeds full of blooming flowers?

Are there tree branches that need to be trimmed off the house?

Is the fence straight? Does it need painting?


Do you need to scrape and paint the window trim?

Does the front door need to be painted or replaced? Does the porch swing need a new coat of paint? Do you need to replace the patio furniture? Once you take a long hard look at your home and address all the exterior issues then you are ready to tackle the interior. Next month we will take a look at the interior.


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