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REAL ESTATE: Tips to prepare your home for winter

by Janet Nettles, Middle Tennessee Properties

  • With the time change and nightfall coming before five PM, we are all aware that winter is fast approaching.

    As homeowners there are a few things that need to be done in order to winterize a home.


    Install a programmable thermostat

    Not only will it save you money but it will also keep your home warm and cozy.

    Change the furnace filters

    These should be changed once a month.

    Place weather stripping around door

    Hundreds of dollars can be saved in heating bill by spending just a few dollars.

    Caulk windows

    Caulking need to be replaced every few years. Keeping the warm air in and the cold air out is vital to your family’s budget.

    Cover water heaters

    For less than $20 you can purchase a blanket for your water heater, saving countless dollars on heating bills.

    Lower the thermostat

    Wear a sweater and house shoes or socks to keep warm.

    Lower the thermostat when you go to bed.

    Sleeping in a cooler room is recommended by physicians.

    Replace Drapes

    Adding heavier drapes in winter can keep a room warmer.

    Adding rugs to the floor is another money saver.


    Just a few changes can make a big difference in staying warm and cutting heating cost.

    Stay warm and HAPPY THANKSGIVING


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