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Rocket Pride Spotlight

Posted on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 4:35 pm


Westwood Middle School proudly recognizes eighth grader Ava Dewitt as this week’s Rocket Pride Spotlight student.

Dewitt is the daughter of Jessica and Dennis Dewitt.  She was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Mica Tobitt, who describes Dewitt as a hard worker in all aspects of her academics.

Dewitt has read over 112 Advanced Reader books this school year.  She demonstrates a good attitude toward her teachers and classmates and is a role model for her classmates at WMS.  She is ready to learn and exhibits good behavior in structured and non-structured settings throughout the school.  She is respectful and follows school rules.

Dewitt is responsible and demonstrates good citizenship by helping launder the Westwood Rocket football jerseys in the fall and has helped the office staff all year.  She has excellent attendance and is a member of the Atlas House.

Rocket Pride well done, Ava Dewitt.