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Threat puts Westwood Middle School on lockdown Wednesday

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Westwood Middle School was put on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after students discovered a note that “threatened the building.”
Two students took the note, which was discovered in the gymnasium bleachers, to principal Dana Morris, according to Manchester City Schools Director of Instruction Joey Vaughn.
“Two students took the note to Mrs. Dana Morris that threatened to harm the building,” said Vaughn. “So we did some quick investigating and immediately contacted the Manchester Police Department and they came to the school and we put the kids in lockdown and searched the building.”
Manchester Police Department Assistant Chief Adam Floied said the investigation was ongoing and people were being questioned as of Wednesday afternoon.

Charges were filed against a 13-year-old eighth grader for filing a false report late Wednesday, according to Floied.

Floied added that officers tried to search the school discretely without causing a panic.
“There was no bomb or legitimate threat,” added Floied. “A note basically was all there was.
“We don’t take this lightly.”
Vaughn said it was hard to determine when the note originated since it was found in the bleachers.
“It could have been a month ago, could have been a week ago,” he explained.
The note was signed “lol” according to Vaughn, which is short for “laugh out loud.”
“These were precautionary measures as we wanted to be sure,” said Vaughn. “I think it was handled well.”
Vaughn said a note was prepared to send home with students from Morris Wednesday afternoon.