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Update: Peace Corps vol gears up with new project

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 12:34 pm

UPDATE: Peace Corps Volunteer from Manchester Helping to Build a Brighter Future in Ukraine through Young People

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Manchester native and Peace Corps Volunteer, Christina Webb, plans a summer leadership camp for Ukrainian youth.

“Leaders of the Future” is a project designed to promote social awareness and civic activism during a seven-day camp conducted in the English language inUkraine.

Sixty students in grades 5-10 will learn the basics of project design aimed at solving or reducing the negative effects of various social issues in their communities while practicing and improving their English language skills.

Webb is currently working in Community Development through the Peace Corps in the town of Bereznehuvate (population – 8,000) located in the Mykolayiv region in southern Ukraine, just north of the Black Sea. Bereznehuvate is located in the greater Bereznehuvate district—one of 19 districts located in this region. Most of the districts are very rural and have poor economies.

Webb works with a charitable foundation focused on empowering women and youth to build a healthy, stable community for themselves and their families.

Many communities inUkraine, especially those in the rural areas of southernUkrainewhere Webb lives, suffer from an increase in social problems including gender bias, human trafficking, discrimination, and a rapidly increasing percentage of those infected with HIV/AIDS. As well, there is an ever-growing population of youth involved in potentially unhealthy lifestyles including alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and drug use.

Few Ukrainians are aware of importance of social activism and the number of active citizens within communities is very low.

Students at the camp will acquire new knowledge about the importance of citizenship in helping to create a positive, healthy society.

They will learn how to assess the needs of their communities and then create concrete goals and objectives to meet these needs. And work as a team to decide the steps they must take to meet these goals and objectives.

Furthermore, they will learn how to manage their projects through continued monitoring of progress and evaluation of results. Students will also have the chance to practice and improve their English language skills and learn more about the American culture from Peace Corps Volunteers.

During the camp, students will design projects that they would like to implement in their own schools or communities. Following the camp, Berehynia will look to assist students in searching for further funding to implement these projects.

Leading the project are Webb, the local charitable foundation she works with, and local English teachers in her community. Teachers will create lesson plans and activities for the students to participate in during the camp. An additional six American Peace Corps Volunteers also living inUkrainewill assist in conducting lessons and engaging students in English language activities.

How you can help: The project will be funded by donations from businesses, organizations, sport or social groups, and individuals. The total project cost is $5098.00. Donations can be made through the Peace Corps website and all donations are 100 percent tax deductible.

To donate, go to Type in the project number 343-317 and you will see a project called Leaders of the Future Summer Camp. It is listed underUkraine, Webb C., State, or click on the project name and on the next page will be located a short description.

Donating and the Peace Corps website are secure.