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Welcome to ‘Everything But Sports’

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 7:57 am

This new daily column is my effort to bridge the gap between my two jobs: sports writer for the Manchester Times and preacher for the Church of Christ at Fredonia. When I’m writing sports news it’s not appropriate to give my opinions on politics and religion, and when I’m preaching the Word of God it’s even less so.

So when I’m at work I’m full of ideas and opinions that don’t really fit either place. When ideas I feel passionately about do arise in conversation—as my co-workers at the paper have found—they often rush out with such force that I end the conversation without really getting my point across.

So MT editor Josh agreed to give this project a try. Let’s see how it goes. The name of this column is courtesy of fellow MT staff writer John Coffelt. Thanks, John.

One more point: to write something anyone wants to read, I plan to keep it brief enough to read on-screen without scrolling. So that’s all for today. Please come again.


Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed here are my own and are not necessarily the official positions of the Manchester Times or Fredonia Church of Christ.