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Westwood to add cross country, tennis to available athletics

Posted on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 8:37 am

The Manchester Board of Education approved a motion Monday creating cross country and tennis athletic teams at Westwood Middle School.

“I think that a lot of the coaches would be glad to see their players running in cross country,” said Chairman of the Board Lisa Gregory.

12, 13 - Westwood logoDirector of Schools Dr. Keith Brewer advised the board that the expected cost of the teams would be very minimal.

Westwood Principal Chad Fletcher added that Westwood would be allocating some of its existing dollars towards the initial startup for the teams. He said that the school would not request additional budgetary money from the board for the teams.

“We expect to cost to be minimal,” he said.

Brewer said that when he was at Gallatin Senior High School he oversaw the addition of a tennis team and the primary costs, beside coach’s pay, were for team shirts.

“I had 16 members on the team and that included alternates. You had to supply shirts; they had to supply shorts.”

He said that tennis competes during the week for the chance to play at the matches.

The cross country team will require the purchase of shorts and jerseys.

Coaches have not been decided but the programs will start this school year.

“We are a feeder system to the county schools,” said Brewer, “and they have a great track program there and [cross country] will compliment that. I hope to compliment the sports at the county and broaden our sports programs available to our students at Westwood.

The positions are tier 2 sports and pay would begin at step 1.

The supplement for the head coach will be $1,659 for each coach.

As the coaches gain years of experience, their pay level will increase by $75 for Tier 2 sports. Tier 1 sports, which include football, basketball and cheerleading, coaching starts at $2,791 for step 1 and incurs a $100 increase for subsequent steps.

Board member Mike Lewis made the motion to approve the addition of the teams and team’s supplements, with board member Susan Wood seconding. Voting ayes were Wood, Lewis and Susan Parsley. Board member Travis Hillis was absent from the meeting.

The teams will start in the 2014-2015 school year.