Norman swears in

Lonnie Norman takes the oath of office Aug. 24 as Manchester City mayor. Norman was re-elected Aug. 6.

Alderman Mark Messick called for peace, prayers and comfort for the families of two of Manchester's civic leaders in the span of five days. The post on socal media Saturday night comes hours before Mayor Lonnie Norman's public funeral services Sunday, Oct. 18 at Rotary Park.     

Messick calls for Manchester to hold on another a little tighter and pray just a bit harder for one another. 

"It’s been a tough couple of weeks for our town. We have lost two friends in such a short time. But we will get through this because we are Manchester. We know how to hold each other a little tighter and pray just a little harder. We know how to be there for those who have lost friends and loved ones. We know how to come together for each other," Messick writes.

"We know this because of the examples set by those who now soar with the angels. They may be gone, but they taught us how to love and how to care for each other. And we will. Because we are Manchester. We will be there to comfort each other through these times because we are Manchester. And when we collect ourselves and carry on the way we were taught to do, we will be stronger, because we are Manchester. Say a prayer tomorrow and the next day and the next day for the ones left behind. Pray for strength and healing for the families and and friends who have such an empty space in their soul. We will pray and we will heal. Because we are Manchester.

"We are Manchester strong," Messick wrote. 

Early, Oct. 12, Norman passed away at Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna. Friday Manchester Police Captain was found dead in his vehicle. Information about Patterson's funeral services have not yet been announces.  


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