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Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen discussed during the January meeting the rebid offered by Republic Services for the city’s solid waste pickup. 

City Attorney Gerald Ewell told the board that the original bid request was only for residential service and that the only bid that came in lacked some of the language the city felt it needed concerning large accounts.

“After that other carriers, other vendors, solicited some people in Manchester, and BFI … raised a question about (commercial accounts),” Ewell said. “We had a meeting up here (City Hall). The consensus of that meeting was that it was unintentionally omitted from the contract.”

Ewell said that for commercial accounts there is a small business category for those that can get by with three household cans a week. All others are lumped together as large commercial accounts that require front loading dumpster service. Those dumpsters can be up to 10 yards in capacity. Roll off containers, usually 20 yard capacity, are not included.  

“If you wanted to use one of those 20-yard roll offs, you wouldn’t have to use their 10-yard dumpsters,” Vice Mayor Mark Messick said.

Industrial is defined in the contract, but falls into the large commercial account as long as it doesn’t generate industrial waste.

Also not discussed in the contract were large festivals. At the time, the Bonnaroo Farm had not been annexed into the city.

In the rebidded contract, there was also a provision in the contract that extended it an additional year and a half, by resetting the effective date, yet the term was still five years.

“I would expect they would honor what they negotiated,” Messick said. “If we can extend it a year and a half at the same price, I wouldn’t turn that down.”

Alderman Ryan French made a motion to accept the contract proposal with language to exclude temporary events that require special events permits. The city will absorb the additional term of the contract. The motion passed with all present voting yes. Alderman Roxanne Patton was absent from the meeting.



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